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Posted on Feb 01, 2016 by Tiffani-Churchill


After 43 years of sharing their lives and growing old together, Fred and Cynthia decided it was time to become young together. They represent a growing trend of couples having cosmetic surgery.


The couple decided it was important for Fred to have his procedure first to assist his wife with the healing process.  “I am glad that, at age 68, I finally went ahead and got a neck left, face lift, temple lift, lower eyelid surgery, and fat transplant from Dr. Cruise. I was unsure if Dr. Cruise would take a man my age to perform this level of cosmetic surgery on, but after reviewing my medical clearances, and being in good health as a non-smoker and physically fit, he readily agreed. I am 30 days “post-op” and feeling and looking great. “


Fred had always believed that plastic surgery was not for him. Now he has discovered that his younger appearance is benefiting those around him and improving all areas of his life.  “The surgery not only makes me feel great, with a more optimistic outlook on life, but it has resulted in happier interactions with others. I have more of a tendency to look people in the eye, I find I am smiling more often, and when you smile more often around people, they can’t help be happier as well.”


“My wife, age 67, got the same surgical procedures 10 days ago that I did and she is recovering nicely as well,” shares Fred.  “After 43 years of marriage, the cosmetic surgery was sort of a present we gave each other, and we would do it all over again.”


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Anonymous August 30 2012

This is so awesome! I would love to see pictures when they recover. Congrats Fred and Cynthia!!!

Anonymous September 01 2012

I agree with Jola and what an amazing journey to take together may i say. Wow.. so cool. I know exactly how they feel as i feel the same way about myself after my surgery this summer. You're a happier soul as one just exude's self confidence. PS transforms the way one see's and feels about themselves. Good for you, way to go Fred&Cynthia!! Blessings.. :)

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