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Posted on Oct 29, 2012 by Tiffani-Churchill

Rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a nose job, is very common amongst celebrities. But who had the best nose surgery with results that made them look better? Marilyn Monroe was one of the first Hollywood actresses spectulated to have a nose job. Today, many top stars have altered their noses due to breathing problems or purely to improve appearance. We developed a list of the 10 top examples of great nose surgery.

Megan Fox
Zac Efron
Halle Berry
Natalie Portman
Sandra Bullock
Ryan Gosling
Ashlee Simpson
Blake Lively
Jennifer Aniston
Scarlett Johansson



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Anonymous October 29 2012

Those are some really good nose jobs. I like especially Sandra Bullock. It still looks like her nose but smaller. Ashlee Simpson looks great too! The only thing that makes me laugh a little is the "breathing problems." Most of the stars say that that's the reason but we all know the truth... ;-)

Anonymous October 30 2012

I agree with Jola, I too think Sandra Bullock's is one of the better ones, if not the best. Although, I must say they look like their old noses only thinner, still natural. I also agree with the reason they give for the surgery. Come on guys, there is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery. Am I right Friends? :D

Anonymous October 30 2012

My favorite would be Blake Lively. She looks so much more beautiful now. Reviewing all these celebs with there before and after photos is quite fascinating to me. They look so great. That darn Hollywood! I've always had a personal insecurity with my nose, and G golly I cant wait to get it done;-)

Anonymous October 30 2012

SANDRA BULLOCK TAKES #1!!! she looks like a fox now but not so much before. Its amazing how much of a difference that makes!

Anonymous October 09 2014

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