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Posted on Nov 16, 2012 by Tiffani-Churchill

A failed marriage gets "ugly" in China after a man sues his wife for delivering an unattractive baby.   "I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues," he reportedly said. "Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me."

Fengs initial response was that his wife must have cheated on him because he was confident that he could never father an ugly child. After a DNA test proved paternity, his wife came forward with a huge secret. She admitted to going to South Korea and undergoing over $100,000 of cosmetic surgery before they had met.

Feng divorced his wife after feeling that his wife duped him into believing she was beautiful. He filed a lawsuit on the grounds of false pretense and was recently awarded $120,000. 


Feng and his daughter


Mother before and after cosmetic surgery





img 6 Responses to Wife Sued Over Delivering Ugly Baby

Anonymous November 15 2012

I don't get it, that baby is not ugly at all.... He on the other hand needs some serious work.

Anonymous November 15 2012

She certainly had some good cosmetic surgery and looks beautiful, but one would wonder how often you see rounded eyes like that and perfectly defined nose for him not to suspect anything at all. The most absurd thing is that the husband actually won.

Anonymous November 16 2012

I saw this and couldn't believe it. What does make it worse is that he won. I don't have kids but I can't imagine hating your child or think he/she is ugly.

Anonymous November 19 2012

is it weird I actually find this baby very cute? she has killer lips. lol

Anonymous November 19 2012

I don't think the baby is ugly either. I think she has her father's mouth. Can you imagine growing up and finding out that your own father thought you were so ugly that he sued your mother and he won! I hope this little girl never finds out.

Anonymous August 21 2014

The baby looks like HIM... he must not own a mirror to notice he's ugly too LOL

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