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Posted on Aug 15, 2012 by Jola

Here is a little something from Dr. Andrew Weil.

It's one of life's small injustices - women are more prone than men to form wrinkles around the mouth. There are a few reasons why:

Eliminating upper lip wrinkles
Before dermabrasion and soft tissue filler to the lips by Dr. Joseph Cruise After. Notice the more subtle wrinkles. One treatment of dermabrasion typically will correct the wrinkles by about 50%.




  1. According to a recent analysis by dermatologists in the Netherlands, women have fewer oil-producing sebaceous glands around the upper lip - meaning less oil to keep the skin soft and supple.
  2. Women (particularly postmenopausal women) have fewer blood vessels in the upper lip area resulting in less blood flow to the region.
  3. The muscles around the mouth are closer to the skin in women than they are in men; this can mean the skin is pulled closer, leading to wrinkles.

Short of cosmetic surgery, there's not much you can do to eliminate wrinkles, but you may be able to minimize them by not smoking, avoiding sun damage and keeping your skin well moisturized.

"Typically soft tissue fillers, fat transfer or dermabrasion will treat the wrinkles around the mouth," says Dr. Joseph Cruise, board certified plastic surgeon from Newport Beach. "Occasional Botox to the area above upper lip may help prevent formation of those wrinkles. "



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